The 8 things a decorator would never put in her home

With so many decorating options to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint what to buy. Alessandra Wood, an interior designer, shares all the trends and what she would never put in her home.

The shading rollers are a bit outdated

As for the windows, Wood says that the classic shade blinds may be a bit old-fashioned. An elegant alternative is Roman blinds, which add aesthetics to any window.

Decorative without personal value

The decorations were created to fill the empty space. However, Wood suggests that the decorations you choose for your space have some personal significance. "Choose decorative touches that you really like and love, or the ones you collect on your travels," he points out.

Exterior hangers need maintenance

Visible hangers look good only when they are neat and clean, says Wood. Wardrobes are a better choice, as they do not always have to be perfect.

Avoid walls and ceilings with strange textures

"I would avoid using any texture on the wall, unless your walls are made of plaster, which has a beautiful, natural texture," adds Wood. For example, it is difficult to place wallpaper on textured walls.

Do not choose red and black colors on walls

If you really like red, you may want to use a reddish brown that has the warmth of a shade with a softness. You can combine this color with earthy neutral tones for a softer look or with earthy greens for a little contrast, he suggested.

Fake flowers will just be dusty

Fake flowers are another mistake made by many homeowners. Instead, you can add a real bouquet or a living indoor plant to give life to the room.

Furniture sets have no place in your space

"When you look at a room that has a bed, bedside tables and drawers that fit perfectly, it looks like the set was bought just like that from the store and lacks personality," Wood said. It is important to combine different textures and materials so that your space looks more personalized.

Mirrors on the walls look more like a dance studio than a house

Wood recommended hanging large mirrors over a sofa or a bedroom wall to get the same effect without feeling like a 1980s house.

Source: Insider

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