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Why use Estate Brains to sell your property?

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We combine the power of today's technology with the experience of our partners to help you achieve the best performance for your property

Sale process powered by real-time data

We find the best possible price for your property by combining high-tech tools and local real estate consultants.

Sales process powered with real-time data

Our partners can predict demand, determine the right price and find the best possible buyers for you, using real-time data combined with their expertise

Excellent customer service

Our external consultants work fast to ensure that no bids are lost and you have a pleasant property selling experience.

Frequently asked questions

The registration is done exclusively in collaboration with one of our selected partners that you can find on our website


The two basic conditions are: 1.the property is residential 2.the agreement you will make with the respective partner to be in the form of an exclusive assignment.

At the moment we are active only in Athens and Thessaloniki but we receive requests from all over Greece.

Your real estate appraisal is based on real-time market data and the experience of our real estate consultants. What most affects our assessment is the condition of the property, the demand and supply in the area, as well as the quality of the renovation/construction

Our evaluation and offer is completely free. In case of a sales agreement by a buyer there is a commission on the sale price from the broker that you can find in his/her profile.

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