The Greek Proptech that change the real estate market

Proptech (property technology) in Greece is still in its infancy. But judging by foreign countries that is already applied, it came to change the field of Real Estate. A tourist country like Greece, with all the eyes of investors focused on it, creates fertile ground for the development of Proptech.

What is Proptech and why is it important?

Proptech is the technology of real estate. In other words, it is the application of technology and information in the real estate market. It comes to change the way we manage, interact, buy, sell or even rent real estate and more. The main goals of this technology include reducing bureaucracy and faster and more efficient transaction. Its main benefits are the lower cost, the help in making informed decisions as well as the greater security and experience of the end users.

The impact of Proptech on the Greek real estate market 

According to Forbes, the Equifund of April 2018, dramatically changed the image of the Greek startup ecosystem because it announced that almost 500 million euros will be transferred to new businesses in the next five years from 2018. By Greek standards, it is considered a huge leap, considering the situations of recent years. The number of Greek startups is estimated to be around 2000.

The most important Proptech startups in Greece by industry

Real Estate Service

Estate Brains 

Estate Brains' vision is to combine technological tools with human creativity, in order to improve the way the real estate industry operates and to change the way people interact within it. It uses technological tools and algorithms that make the process of buying, renting or selling a property faster, safer and more efficient than ever. The company was founded in 2020, despite the adversity of the conditions.



Blueground is a company that offers furnished apartments for stays of one month or more. Its purpose is to limit the time it takes for a tenant to search and move into a home. They believe that moving to a new property should be a pleasant and refreshing process. It was founded in 2013 in Athens.

Internet of Things


Sensorflare is an award-winning platform that helps you control all your smart devices. Even if they are produced by different manufacturers. Sensorflare simplifies your daily smart life by changing the way you interact with your home. The company was founded in 2014.


Radefy's vision is to accelerate the hospitality industry. Its mission is to create an automated hosting platform, helping its customers reduce operating costs and discover new revenue streams. Indicatively, some services offered by the platform are: automated check-in and check-out and key management, access to the rooms through the application, cost control of energy devices (A / C, lights) etc. 

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