Real estate brokerage: Simple or exclusive assignment?

The purpose of any property owner is to rent or sell his property at the best possible price. So when he decides to assign his property to a broker, he is faced with the following question: Simple or exclusive assignment? To arrive at the best choice, we will consider the significance of these two terms.

Simple assignment

This type of real estate assignment is the most common because of its convenience and low cost. In the simple assignment the owner of the property has the opportunity to give it to more than one real estate agency without any restrictions.

This means that the brokers who have taken over his property, try to sell / rent it at the same time, resulting in the creation of a great competition between them. Thus, the owner's purpose ceases to be the same as that of the broker, who is now the fastest result, regardless of price.

Exclusive assignment

Exclusive outsourcing is the least popular option in Greece, but it does not apply abroad as the majority of homeowners abroad use this type of outsourcing. In the exclusive assignment the owner gives exclusively to a real estate agent for a specific period of time (from 6 to 8 months).

By choosing the exclusive assignment as a way of cooperation, the owner ensures the best possible promotion of his property. In this case, clearly, the best possible quality of negotiation with the prospective buyers / tenants is ensured, since no other brokers are involved in the process of finding a client. Exclusive outsourcing comes with the great promise of cost-effective cooperation between seller and real estate agent worldwide.

Let's look at it more practically. The real estate market is a market that is constantly changing and therefore, the prices in the areas are adjusted daily. Having assigned the property to many real estate agents, the owner can not have dynamic pricing of his property. What does this mean; The average price in a real estate area can fluctuate from week to week (even from day to day). This makes it impossible for all real estate agencies to properly adjust the price, with the risk of being rented at the lowest price.

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