Guide to Golden Visa via property investment in Greece

Is It Easy To Buy A House In Greece?

Buying a property in Greece is relatively not hard. After choosing the property, appointing a competent lawyer who can do the documenting efficiently and quickly can considerably shorten the process. Also, every buyer according to the Greek constitution has to be a taxpayer. It means that the buyer must obtain a tax number which can be obtained within one day. After these processes are dealt with, the buyer can pay the stamp duty which is around 3 percent of the value of the transaction. Finally, the acquisition has to be completed before a notary and registered at the local Land Registry.

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Is Greece A Good Place To Buy Property?

Since the Greek property is now regaining its value, the market provides investors with nice opportunities. Still lower than their pre-crisis peak, Greek real estate is relatively cheaper when compared to other European countries. This quality and its big potential make buying Greek property now is a good idea.

How Much Money Do I Need To Deposit To Buy Property In Greece?

The transaction of a down payment can be performed through online accounts using platforms like TransferWise which allows customers to see the exchange rates and international money transfer charges. The usual amount of deposit in Greek properties is 10 percent of the total price of the real estate.

Are There Property Taxes In Greece? How Much Are Property Taxes In Greece?

Yes, there are property taxes in Greece. They are numerous and they might differ according to the specific case, but here is an overall rundown:

  • Agency / Agent fees: 1.5 - 2.5%
  • Lawyer fees: 0.40 - 1% + VAT (23%)
  • Notary fees: 0.65 - 1% + VAT (23%)
  • Registration charges: 0.5% + VAT (23%)

Another thing to keep in mind is the exchange rates which might differ in every institution. Choosing an advantageous bank might cut the costs considerably. 

What Is Greece Golden Visa?

Greek Golden Visa Program was launched in 2013 by Enterprise Greece. The program grants a five-year permit to live in Greece in exchange for a real estate investment in the country. A family application includes children up to age 21 and requires no residence in Greece. The permit is granted for five years, and the investor can renew it every five years if they retain the investment.

The Greek Government issues The Greek Golden Visa. And it gives its holder the right to reside legally in Greece. It can be achieved by completing a real estate investment, the value of which is more than € 250,000. The golden visa program offers various categories of residence permits. It also provides different types of permits within each category. Employment rights depend on the type of permit issued.

What are the benefits of Golden Visa in Greece?

There are multiple Benefits of Greece's Golden Visa. To sum them up:

The Right To Live In Greece

Fantastic beaches, forests and islands. Is there any better place to be?

The Freedom Of Schengen Zone Travel

Add to that healthcare and education, and this offer becomes irresistible. The Schengen zone is an area comprising 26 European countries that have officially abolished all passports and all other types of border control at their mutual borders.

Family Reunification

This program allows you to include your spouse and children under 21. And it provides the Extended Family benefits. This means that the principal applicant's parents and parents in law can be covered without any further requirements. 

Low Investment Threshold In A Highly Promising Real Estate Market

The Golden Visa Greece program is proud to have the lowest investment threshold in Europe. With 250,000 Euros, you can invest in one of the world's highest growth markets, real estate! And not any real estate property, but one in Greece. 

The Double Taxation Treaty

The Greek Double Taxation Treaty states that income from outside Greece while residing there is not subject to taxation. Meaning that you can be maintaining any business you have outside of Greece while enjoying a tax-free external income. It sounds too good to be true, but it is.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Greece Golden Visa Program

First of all, the applicant needs an entry visa to the country to be able to get a golden visa in Greece. And they must meet the following requirements: 

  •  Be a non-EU country citizen.
  •  Be at least 18 years of age.
  •  Have a clean criminal record.
  •  Have medical insurance for yourself and your family.
  •  Be of good character.

Source: The Get Golden Visa 

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