Digital Nomads: Why you should move to Greece today

Is your laptop your portable office? Can you work remotely from everywhere? Then do not waste this chance and move immediately to Greece, because that's the place to be.

Greece has recently passed a legislation indicating a 50% tax break for the first seven years! This makes the country not only worth visiting but also worth staying long-term. Don't think twice and move to Greece today! The country strategy of plugging some of the revenue gap left by the loss in tourism is definitely well thought. Someone who spends more time in a given place tends to spend more money too, and making remote work a prerequisite for getting those tax breaks almost guarantees the nomad is going to spend more money than would a typical tourist.

Why should you choose Greece?

Alex Patelis, the chief economic adviser to the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, says that “Greece is naturally blessed with a temperate climate, lots of sunshine, and a combination of beaches and mountains,” adding that other advantages are “a strong currency, the euro, and the safety of the EU institutional framework. ” Do you need more reasons to move to Greece?

On the technical side, Patelis notes that 5G networks are already operational in major Greek cities and that "tax incentives are targeting those who relocate to Greece." As in all EU member countries, "Greece is a member of the European Union so any EU citizen is allowed to live and work freely out of Greece," Patelis says. As for the digital nomads that hold only British or American passports, for example, they need to keep in mind that permits or visas are valid within a certain time limit, usually 90 days in a 180-day period.

In any case, it is more preferable to have a two month “vacation” in Greece as a remote worker rather than just two weeks. And after all, who says you need a tax break to call yourself a nomad?

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Source: Euronews

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