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The BrainsMeter automatic property model is EstateBrains' estimate of the sale value of a property. BrainsMeter incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technology taking into account features such as location, photos (status) and market conditions.

Frequently asked questions

The BrainsMeter house valuation model is EstateBrains' estimate of the market value of a house. The BrainsMeter incorporates public and user-submitted data and takes into account the home's facts, location, photos (condition) and market conditions.

The accuracy of BrainsMeter depends on the information you provide (clear photos, house details, etc.), location and data availability in the area. The more data available, the more accurate our assessment will be. To date, BrainsMeter achieves an accuracy of over 95% in predicting the price of more than half of the properties.

To calculate BrainsMeter, we use a 3-step procedure:

1. We combine advanced algorithms that integrate data directly from hundreds of public sources and partner brokers, to have a real-time market overview

2. We use an artificial intelligence (AI) system to understand the condition of your property based on the photos you upload

3. We compare the property only with similar properties in the same location (condition, size, etc.) and we give you our evaluation in real time

Simply put, imagine a very fast and smart robot that with just a few photos and details of your property can compare it to similar properties (in real time) and give us an assessment in seconds!

The BrainsMeter should be used as a starting point. We recommend that buyers, sellers and homeowners supplement it with an advice from a professional real estate expert (broker)

No, our evaluation and offer is completely free.

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