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Why use Estate Brains when searching for a home?

Complete investment report based on real data

Each property listing contains a detailed investment report created with the help of Vision A.I and Big Data. It is divided into three parts: property location, price & use so you can find out everything about your potential purchase in seconds!

Opportunities inside and outside the market

You have the opportunity to watch and learn daily about real estate opportunities that meet your criteria and are in or even out of the market!

Interactive virtual experience

High quality photos, interactive virtual 360 tours and videos. If this is not enough, ask for more details and negotiate the price with the agent directly from our chat

How does it work;

Immediate real estate appraisal

The BrainsMeter automatic property model is EstateBrains' estimate of the sale value of a property. BrainsMeter incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technology taking into account features such as location, photos (status) and market conditions.

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Frequently asked questions

Estate Brains is a digital residential real estate platform. Our mission is to combine state-of-the-art technology & data with the knowledge and experience of selected partners, in order to make the process of buying and selling real estate an easy, safe and transparent process. 

We provide verified listings by selected partners who own the exclusive assignment of real estate, detailed investment reports for each property, transpart fees & the ability to evaluate their service 

Sign up and use of our platform is completely free.

If you are interested in a property you can contact our partner directly from our chat section inside the listing. He will take care of answering your questions and guiding you throughout the process

The investment evaluation of each property in our platform includes the general condition and quality of construction of the property, the demand and supply in the specific area as well as possible ways to utalize it (longterm rent, BnB etc.). All of the above is done with a combination of artificial intelligence, data and the many years of experience of our partners.

Selected properties are all properties that meet criteria such as value for money, renovated or newly built constuctions and have complete information and a virtual tour. This saves you time and makes your search an easy and enjoyable process

You can talk to one of our team members in the chat, fill in our Buyer's Form or find a broker from our directory

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