10 Reasons why you should invest in Greece

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words summer, sun, hospitality? Greece. Being much more than just that, let us give you 10 reasons why Greece should be on top of your mind when you think of your next investment.

1. Golden Visa’s low cost

Greece offers one of the most financially affordable Golden Visa Program, which is actually the cheapest in the Mediterranean. In countries such as Portugal or Spain the minimum property investment should be at 500.000€, and Cyprus is standing at 300.000€. On the contrary, in Greece the similar requirement is just 250.000€, being also the only Mediterranean country offering permanent residency from day one.

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2. Greece is a member of the Schengen Area

Once the permanent residency permit is issued, investors and their family cannot only live in Greece, but also travel freely within the Schengen Area, travel directly from their country of origin to any Schengen country and stay in any Schengen country up to three months in every six month period.

3. Greece’s Strategic Location

The country’s strategic location is a very strong argument why investing in Greece is totally worth it. Greece is located in the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa and is possible to reach any of these continents with just an hour flight. Under normal circumstances, Greece is also connected with straight flights to major cities such as New York, London, Dubai, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and more!

4. The Economic Recovery

Greece has been challenged many time throughout the past 10 years and is still not performing at its full potential due to the pandemic. But currently, Greece is gaining back investors trust, by demonstrating a healthy growing rate and ability for quick recovery. According to Financial Times, big investors in Greek debt, including asset managers such as Capital Group, Carmignac and Prudential Financial, have performed very well, with holders of the 10-year benchmark receiving a 23% total return of the year.

5. Greece is offering Tax Breaks

Greece is promising that half of the income, of those who choose to live in the country, will be tax free. This incentive will apply for a maximum of seven years to people who want to move their tax base to Greece, no matter the nationality or job type. 

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6. The Mediterranean Climate

How about experiencing 300 days of sunshine every year? Greece is well known for its impeccable climate, since the summer can last well from May till the beginning of October.

7. Greece’s long tradition of Hospitality

There are many things Greeks are known for, and one of them is definitely their hospitality. There is no chance you visit a café, bar or restaurant and not get anything on the house! In addition to that and due to its location, Greece has a long hospitality tradition towards the immigrants, respecting the customs and habits of every foreign nation.

8. Greek Gastronomy

If you have already visited Greece then you know what we are talking about. The Greek Gastronomy is the best representative of the Mediterranean diet, the words healthiest diet. Based on virgin olive oil, feta cheese, the famous Greek Yogurt, vegetables and legumes and excellent wines, the Greek cuisine will make you fall in love!

9. Stunning Natural Environment

Greece’s natural beauty has it all. From mountains, to crystal clear seas, and small picturesque islands. Greece has something to offer for every taste and budget whether you prefer city life, country side or the island experience.

10. The Birthplace of the Western Civilisation

Living in Greece offers you the opportunity to discover where it all started. The country has laid the foundations of maths, medicine, philosophy, physics, literature, theater and other sciences. From Parthenon to the Ancient Olympia, where the first Olympics took place, the Greek civilization is endless and will leave you speechless.

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